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Suggested questions to ask Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz:

  1. What is intuition and where does it come from?
  2. How did you discover your intuitive powers to become a medical intuitive?
  3. Why did you also decide to become a medical doctor and get a Ph.D.?
  4. How do you use intuition in detecting disease?
  5. What can people do to develop their intuition?
  6. What does brain research say about the power of intuition in healing?
  7. Why do you say people should pay attention to "innate flaws" in their bodies?
  8. What are emotional centers and how are they related to issues such as family, security, money and self-esteem?
  9. Is there scientific evidence to prove that emotional issues are related to health issues in various parts of the body?
  10. How can people gain weight based on the emotions of other people around them?
  11. What is your advice for people who are suffering from depression?
  12. How can people better cope with stress and anxiety?
  13. What do you recommend for people suffering chronic pain?
  14. What is the relationship between chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia and the immune system?
  15. Are there holistic cures for these chronic conditions? What are they?
  16. How do you help people overcome addictions?
  17. How has your intuition helped you with your own health problems?
  18. Why have you chosen to remain single and what advice do you have for others who are single by choice?
  19. You are a speaker at a seminar on using trauma and tragedy to reach for a higher power. How can people overcome tragedy by devoting their lives to a higher good?

Media Contact is Michelle Tennant: Michelle@publicityresults.com, 828-749-3200, or blog http://www.StorytellerToTheMedia.com






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